Empower your team
with Xpence cards.
Unleash the power of the Xpence cards and empower your team to buy what they need to get their jobs done.
How it works
Team Members
Invite, add, manage and remove employees easily.
Issue Cards
Instantly issue physical and virtual cards to employees.
Stay in control
Apply controls and permisions to individual cards.
Capture Receipts
Add receipts and notes to transactions on the go.
Manage your expenses as a team
Take control of all your business spending from one place.
Effortlessly invite team members
Invite team members to join your Xpence account from the comfort of your smartphone. Decide on the access you want to give them; cards, invoicing or both. Each employee gets their own app and can only view their own transactions. You can block access and remove team members instantly from your app.
Instantly issue payment cards
Empower your team by giving them physical and or virtual Xpence Visa cards to buy what they need to get their jobs done. You can choose to have their cards delivered to the office or their home addresses. Virtual cards are ready to use instantly.
Control over your business spending
You can set indivdual spending limits, freeze, unfreeze, set the max. balance limit for each team member and card. Xpence gives you complete control over how the team spends. Manage whether they can spend online, internationally or withdraw cash from an ATM. Xpence gives you complete control over how your team spends at the tip of your fingers.
Track team expenses in real time
We give you a real-time view into how your team’s spending from one place. Select any transaction to see detail rich payment information. We even give you insights to the top spending categories of your team. Transactions missing receipts and notes are highlighted separately for better financial management.
Capture receipts on the go
Never loose a receipt again. Employees are instantly notified after each transaction to attach a receipt and they can add an extra note if required. Every transaction is automatically categorised. No more tedious expense reports..
Manage approvals on the fly
Employees can request funds for unplanned purchases from their app. You can seamlessly approve and instantly top-up their cards using the Xpence app.
Invoicing as a team
You can also give your team access to issue invoices and collect payments on your behalf. View the status of each invoice from the convenience of the Xpence app.
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