Virtual Cards
Manage your online expenses
like never before
Instantly issue and start spending securely online using Xpence Visa virtual cards.
How it works
Unlimited Virtual Cards
Issue unlimited number of cards for all your needs
One time use cards help reduce the risk of fraud.
Real time Tracking
Keep any eye on all spending from one place.
Instant Issuance
Issue cards and start spending immediately.
Secure online spending
Instantly create virtual cards for all of your online expenses.
Instant virtual cards
A virtual card is exactly like a physical card, but are exclusively for you online business expenses. You get a card number, expirty date and CVV – all accessible from your app. Start issuing virtual cards instantly with just a few clicks.
You’re still in control
Just like the physical Xpence Visa cards, you can apply spending limits and controls to keep on top of your business expenses.
Manage your subscriptions
Use virtual cards to manage all your subscriptions. Assign cards to specific SaaS tools that require recurring payments. They’re perfect for software trials too. You can even give custom nicknames to your cards.
Seamless online spending
Copy and paste your card details into your merchant’s browser for a quick seamless online shopping experience.
They’re safer
Stop sharing your card details with the team. Issue instant virtual cards for those one off payments. Use virtual cards when you’re not sure of the online merchant. Just like our physical cards, virtual cards are protected by 3DS for safe and secure online spending.
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