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Using Xpence for Your Business Can Give You Peace of Mind
by Rudri Mehta . Published 15 February 23

Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer managing multiple clients’ work single-handedly, you face many challenges while managing your business expenses. In fact, invoicing multiple customers and following up on the payment is a huge task.

However, it is incomplete if you haven’t done proper bookkeeping. Thus, expense management, invoicing, and bookkeeping are interconnected and depend on each other to some extent.

But how can you streamline the process of managing business expenses, timely invoicing and follow-up, and smart bookkeeping, all at once?

Xpence has multiple solutions and products that will cater to your needs of managing your spending, payments, and accounting procedures, everything in one mobile application on your phone.

Let’s explore Xpence’s offerings and how they can bring peace of mind while managing your business finances.

What Xpence Has for You?

From managing timely payments to controlling employee spending efficiently, Xpence has smart solutions for simplifying your business finances.

Corporate Cards

Xpence can issue smart Visa prepaid cards, physical or virtual, for your business payments and receipts. You can provide these cards to your employees for their business expenses.

Physical Cards

Xpence enables you to issue physical Visa cards to your employees and for your business to easily track and manage your spending. These cards can be topped up from your company bank accounts.

Virtual Cards

Xpence can also issue virtual cards, similar to physical cards without physical presence. You can send/receive payments through a virtual card stored in an app on your phone.

The app also allows you to manage your employees’ physical/virtual card settings by setting spending limits and tracking each spending in real-time.

Smart Bookkeeping

Xpence can help you categorise your expenses and payments and update them in real-time to record the accounting entries. The innovative feature of the Xpence app will let you automatically record your transactions and get instant reports.

Check Expense Management Solution For Freelancers.

Easy Invoicing

Xpence also offers invoicing solutions for busy owners and freelancers. The invoicing tool lets you send customised and beautiful invoices to your clients within minutes. The invoicing tool enables you to follow up quickly on your payments and track your expenses in real time.

Petty Cash Management

Xpence offers expense management solutions to manage your petty cash expenses efficiently. It provides digitised solutions to manage expenses as a team, track and update in real time, and control them by setting limits.

Thus, Xpence offers a complete solution to manage your business expenses. Let’s see what types of solutions Xpence has for you.

4 Types of Comprehensive Xpence Solutions for Your Business 

Xpence offers customised solutions for freelancers, startup founders, corporate CEOs, and small business owners.


Xpence offers corporate cards for your employees. You can manage your employees’ spending by tracking them in real-time.


Xpence provides virtual/physical cards, automated bookkeeping, and invoicing solutions for small business owners.

It helps you streamline petty cash expenses and digitize your business finance management.


Xpence provides instant virtual cards to the founders and their employees to manage their expenses efficiently.

It also helps busy founders manage their petty cash expenses and automate their bookkeeping procedures.


Xpence provides invoicing solutions to freelancers to issue customized invoices. It enables you to get paid faster by managing your invoices.

Thus, whether you are a startup founder, a freelancer, a small business owner, or a corporate executive, Xpence caters to everyone’s need to manage business expenses. Let’s see why Xpence products and solutions can give you peace of mind.

Reasons why you should use Xpence to have peace of mind


Why Should You Use Xpence for Your Business?

Below are the reasons you should use Xpence and have peace of mind about business expenses.

– It is simple to use and more convenient for managing expenses.

– Your transactions and information are safe as we follow industry-leading security standards.

– The cards provided by Xpence have global acceptance. Hence, you can use them anywhere in the world.

– You can provide real-time approvals for your employees’ expenses so they get reimbursed quickly.

– offers easy control of the card spend limits through the card settings option on your phone app.

– You can send instant team invites to your team members and employees to issue cards and track their expenses.

– The smart bookkeeping feature automatically categorizes your expenses and records them under an appropriate heading.

Thus, using Xpence is simple and secure, giving you peace of mind while managing your business expenses.

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