Issuing and Managing Cards

Find helpful guides here on how to get started with issuing and using your Xpence cards.

How do I issue myself an Xpence card?

To issue a card to yourself, you need to navigate to the Cards page. To get to the Cards page,...

How do I issue cards to a team member?

To issue a card to a team member, you need to navigate to the Cards page.  To get to the...

How do I activate a virtual card?

Good news, you don’t need to activate a virtual card. Virtual cards are active the instant they are issued. You...

How do I activate my physical Xpence card?

To activate your new physical Xpence Visa card, you need to head over to your new card in the app...

How can I view the card details of a team member’s card?

For security purposes, only a cardholder can view the details of their own card. If you have any further questions,...

How can I view the details of my card?

To view your card details to pay online, you need to head over to your card/s. You will be able...

How can I manually add my Xpence cards to Google Wallet?

To manually add your Xpence cards to Google Pay, follow the below steps:  Open Google Pay and click “Add to...
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